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Improve production workshop efficiency
The workshop production did not fulfill the production plan; Large volumes of incomplete production and materials to be produced; Lengthy node production processes.
The shipyard management invited us for a Lean project. They asked us as well to define the company’s production growth goals for the next year and develop a strategic framework for production growth to be used by in-house experts of the Quality Control Department. We analyzed manufacturing and financial performance, construction technology, the production plan, and the quality management system. Based on the analysis, we defined the scope, objectives and range of problems, prepared the project documentation and started the project. In the course of carrying out the project, we used and implemented Lean tools like 5S system, dashboards, Kanban, SOP, bottleneck management, SiQmi, order and batch management, inventory management, total equipment maintenance and SMED. At the end of the project, a Production System Development Department was created at the shipyard and Production System Development Committee was established. Our experts prepared the Committee Statutes and Management Standards for production system projects.

Basic goals:

  • Workshop production increased by 11%;
  • Level of incomplete production were reduced by 13%;
  • The length of production processes were reduced by 10%.

Secondary goals:

  • 7% of equipment was freed up from the business process;
  • 42% of the workshop area was freed (where a new production line was subsequently established);
  • Target revenue per production area increased by 14%;
  • 20% of supporting staff were freed from the business process;
  • Product transportation time was reduced by 40%.
We create a Business Intelligence system for discrepancy management